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Francesco Potortý - ISTI
- Area della ricerca CNR – Via G. Moruzzi, 1 – I-56124 Pisa
Operatore +39 050 588215
Tel +39 050 621 3058
Fax +39 050 621 2040
Email: Potorti@isti.cnr.it
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Short scientific biography of Francesco Potortý

I received my electronic engineering degree from the University of Pisa, Italy, in 1991. I am a senior researcher at the CNR-ISTI institute in Pisa, Italy, where I have worked since 1989 in the field of wireless communications as a member of the Wireless Networking group.

I have been cofounder, board member since its birth and current chair of EvAAL, which in its fifth year (2015) merged its localisation competition with the IPIN (Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation) conference. I have organised the EvAAL competitions since 2011 and the IPIN competitions from 2104 to 2017.

I was Italian representative in the European COST action 285 and I have participated in several European funded research projects as member and task leader.

My research interests include communications protocols, wireless communications, Internet technology, simulation of communications systems, RSS-based indoor localisation, evaluation of indoor localisation systems. I co-authored more than eighty peer-reviewed scientific papers.

I have supervised the use of software licenses in some European projects. I encourage the use of free software licenses in the research community.

I was the real-time software implementer and one of the inventors of the FODA/IBEA system for satellite communications, which had been patented in Italy. I wrote, alone or with others, many small-sized free programs, most of which I have used in my research activity.

I taught computer science and operating systems courses at the Engineering and Computer science faculties of the University of Pisa.

small GNU Head (png 3k) Free software (free as in freedom)

I ported the Emacs editor to the Motorola Delta 68k architecture, I wrote some Emacs packages, and the 68020 assembler code of gzip. I made various minor contributions to Emacs and various parts of the GNU project.

On behalf of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) I have volunteered to maintain etags for about twenty years since 1993. I also wrote other small free programs.

I contributed to the Italian translation of the history of the GNU project, and I contribute to discussions, revisions and (few) translations in the Italian free software translation group and the Italian translation team of the GNU project documents.

I was cofounder of Associazione Software Libero, the only Italian associate of Free Software Foundation Europe, for which I wrote a short introduction to free software (in Italian).

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